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Integrative Spine and Sports is a multi-disciplinary physical medicine practice that integrates traditional Western medicine with Eastern philosophy and practices to resolve all sorts of pain issues. We take a conservative, holistic and individualized approach to every person, tailoring care for the individual needs of our patients. We treat from the “weekend warrior” athletes to the professional athletes to the aging person wanting to improve their quality of life and pain problems. Treatments range from physical and massage therapy to spinal and joint injections. We combine Osteopathic Manipulation, Acupuncture, Massage and Physical Therapy with therapeutic modalities to address dysfunction and pain.

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We perform all sorts of injections including joint and back injections, nerve blocks using steroids, non-steroids, as well as homeopathic medications, prolotherapy, PRP (platelet rich plasma) and stem cells. We coordinate care with primary physicians, chiropractors, surgeons, psychiatrists and psychologists. Our patients range from pediatric cases to the geriatric patients from minor to major pain complaints. We treat all types of physical complaints with a successful track record of reducing and eliminating pain.

We welcome you to our serene spa-like office to meet our friendly staff and improve your physical complaints. Call 954-564-3200 for an appointment today.