About Integrated Spine & Sports

Many of our colleagues bring their family members and loved ones to see us; that’s why they refer to us as “The Doctor, Other Doctors Use.”

We work alongside each one of our clients providing them with the support and solutions to the problems they’re facing. We offer alternative forms of medicine from a holistic approach.  This path allows us to diagnose and provide a pain management plan tailored for each person.

Our dedicated staff has excellent communication and compassion. Whether you’re in your youth or toward a more mature phase of your life each team member is driven to deliver the utmost care. We’ve taken what we’ve learned in textbooks and through years of education and integrating a passionate approach to medicine, unlike anything you’ve experienced before.  We want to outshine our competition in every event. We do this by bringing innovative medical attention to each and every one of our patients.  

Not just using traditional forms of medicine, we weld together both Western and Eastern therapies resulting in a deeper level of understanding and giving us more precise methods for each person. This approach allows us to customize each patient’s medical blueprint, administering optimum results.